National Security Online Resource Center

National Security Online Resource Center

The National Security Online Resource Center (NSORC) is an initiative of the Collegiate Network and private benefactors. The mission of the project is to provide college journalists with a solid grounding in national security issues. Besides providing recent headlines and opinions, book and magazine reviews, student articles, and downloadable online lectures, NSORC offers advice about issues unique to college journalists.


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    • 1.1 Information for College Journalists
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    • 1.4 Reviews
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Information for College Journalists

Advice offered by college students on the issues unique to college journalists covering issues of national security.


The front page of NSORC shows the most recent additions to each feature, but the website is also divided by topic.

Topics are divided into the three major categories of threat facing the national security of the United States today:

  • Global Terrorism (e.g. the Global War on Terrorism)
  • Rogue States (e.g. North Korea)
  • Emerging Powers (e.g. China).

NSORC regularly focuses on a feature topic in each of these three categories.

Student Articles

NSORC features real articles from college newspapers and magazines. Articles can be submitted through the NSORC website.


  • Books
  • Magazines and Journals
  • Official Documents and Reports

Reviews are written primarily by NSORC staff, but outside reviews can be submitted through the NSORC website.

Online Lectures

View streaming video of speeches by experts on issues of national security.

Recent Headlines

News articles, updated daily.

Recent Opinions

Read what the pundits, scholars, and experts think about the popular issues of the day.

Quick Links

  • News
  • Commentary & Opinion
  • Government Websites
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Current Advisory Board

  • Lt. General Josiah Bunting III (Ret.)
    • Chairman, National Civic Literacy Board
    • President, Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
    • Superintendent Emeritus, Virginia Military Institute
  • Mr. Oldřich Černý
    • Executive Director, Prague Security Studies Institute
  • Dr. Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr.
    • President, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis


  • T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr., Senior Director
  • Stephen M. Klugewicz, Executive Director

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